The Bowery Presents


Shepherds, Mighty

Wed, May 10, 2017

Doors: 7:31 pm / Show: 8:30 pm

Terminal West

Atlanta, GA

$20 ADV

This event is 18 and over

Wavves is an American noise pop/surf punk band based in San Diego, California. Wavves started in 2008 as the recording project of Nathan Williams. Wavves released several 7″s as well as a cassette leading up to the first two releases Wavves (Woodsist) and Wavvves (Fat Possum/Bella Union). After gaining recognition Ryan Ulsh was enlisted as a touring drummer and Wavves did the first US and European tours. Wavves released their self-titled debut album in 2008, subsequently drawing the attention of Pitchfork Media. At the time, the band consisted of guitarist Nathan Williams and drummer Ryan Ulsh.
MIGHTY, the Atlanta-based, grimey project of Pittsburgh transplant Angelo Fiaretti, is off-kilter garage rock with (more than a modest) grunge influence. His lyrics revolve around the subjects of revenge daydreams, paranoia, drugs, and self discovery—when he isn't poking jabs at the gloomy culture of high school bullying (fuck those guys, right?). MIGHTY was conceived after Fiaretti, now age 20, dropped out of school at 16 in an effort to distance himself from the threats of local assholes, choosing instead to spend his days immersed in the local DIY punk and indie scenes. In the cold, dim basements of office buildings and neighborhood garages, and in community-run art galleries, Fiaretti found his voice and MIGHTY was created.

In 2013, Fiaretti moved to Atlanta looking for a fresh perspective and new collaborators. It was there that the young songwriter connected with Daniel Gleason (Grouplove, All Get Out) who would help bring MIGHTY from raw, mangled scrawls to refined underdog anthems. The debut MIGHTY EP "Bye, Have Nice!" simultaneously embraces classic influences (Dylan, Cobain, Page & Plant) and forges new territory for the Pittsburgher. The 5 tracks were recorded over the course of an impetuous 5 days on a shoestring budget entirely in Fiaretti's kitchen (jokingly referred to as Ant Hill Studios, for a serious infestation). The debut EP is rounded out by Gordon Keiter (All Get Out) on drums, Gleason on bass, guitar and keys, and CJ Ridings (Big Jesus) on bass, guitar, and keys. Gleason also served as producer, with Ridings engineering and mixing.

"Bye, Have Nice!" is scheduled for a November 6th digital release, with a late winter vinyl release to follow. EP2 is currently in production.

If there's anything that is sure about this skuzzy, endearingly messy, burgeoning artist, it's that his power is in Fiaretti's vulnerability. Fresh into his 20s, Fiaretti still has many mistakes to make, but if "Bye, Have Nice!" is any indication, expect to hear about them in the most honest voice he can find.

MIGHTY is a proclamation from an unlikely voice that demands to be heard. Whether you like it or not-thats just, like, your opinion, man. He'll still be skateboarding in his driveway, one way or another.
Venue Information:
Terminal West
887 West Marietta St. Studio C
Atlanta, GA, 30318